Donuts Delite

Donuts Delite

1700 Culver Road (Empire @ Culver)
Rochester, NY 14609

Location Hours:

Sunday: 6am - 8pm
Monday - Saturday: 6am - 9pm

In March of 2009, The Salvatore Pizza family purchased the historic Donuts Delite building. Salvatore's founder Sam Fantauzzo had been driving by this historic landmark for the past 5 years that it was closed. Finally, the Malley family accepted an offer for the Salvatore's Pizza family to re-open Donuts Delite.

John Coraggioso from E. Main St. Salvatore's and cousin Ray LoRe, at the Eastridge Salvatore's owned this area and became co-owners of this landmark donut shop, now serving Salvatore's famous full menu. This location took over 12 months to renovate and finally opened on January 12th, 2010. The Malley family helped with the original donut recipes.

The location is now owned by longtime Salvatore's employee Nick Semeraro and has enjoyed a great revival winning award after award locally & nationally.

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