(Rochester, NY)  Apple Fritter Ale will launch on Friday, September 20 at Wegmans and Salvatore’s Pizza Pubs.  Donuts Delite and the Salvatore's Pizza Family have partnered with Three Heads Brewing for a very Rochester collaboration, limited-edition fall seasonal. Customers are encouraged to visit Salvatore’s Pizza Pubs and Salvatore’s Beer & Wine locations, or Wegmans to get this limited-release ale while it lasts!

Nick Semeraro, Owner/Operator of Donuts Delite, and his bakers supplied Three Heads with 720 giant apple fritters. These fritters went directly into the mash to produce this beer. 1,500 gallons of freshly pressed apple juice from DeFishers Farms in Williamson were also used, to keep this brew as local as possible. 

"720 gigantic apple fritters were be used in the process. So it’s probably the equivalent of about 2,000 regular-sized donuts, maybe 2,500, since these fritters are just so enormous." said Dan Nothnagle, Co-Founder of Three Heads Brewing, "The Donuts Delite fritters were used throughout the brewing process to add some complexity, flavor."

This partnership follows the ‘Lancers Lager’ collaboration already put out. "We have been working with Three Heads for about a year on different beer ideas since we first partnered to create Lancers Lager." said Salvatore SoccerSam Fantauzzo, CEO & Founder of Salvatore's Pizza. "At Salvatore's, we love local supporting local. I am proud to show the Malley Family, who started Donuts Delite in 1958, that their recipes, name and logo lives on. Nick Semeraro, the current Owner/Operator of Donuts Delite, is doing an incredible job, as well as his staff and bakers."

"Recognition is due to my amazing bakers who worked 18 hours straight to supply this large amount of fresh apple fritters to Three Heads, as well as still baking our everyday donuts to fill our shelves." said Nick Semeraro, Owner/Operator of Salvatore's at the Historic Donuts Delite. "We are so excited!"

On Friday, September 20, Apple Fritter Ale limited quantities can be found on Wegmans shelves, and will also be sold at all Salvatore's Pizzeria locations that serve full bar or beer & wine. Get it while you can, when it's gone... it's gone! A full list of Salvatore’s Pizzeria locations that serve beer can be found on

"We hope when people see these Rochester collaborations, they think of it as another way to enjoy their hometown." Said Dan Nothnagle of 3HB. 

The Malley Family started Donuts Delite in 1958 and ran the Rochester staple until 2005. In 2010, the Salvatore's Pizza Family purchased the landmark and reintroduced Salvatore's at the Historic Donuts Delite Building. Donuts Delite current menu includes all the original Malley Family recipes from 1958, serves full menu breakfast, and also Salvatore's Pizzeria famous full menu. Nick Semeraro is the current Owner/Operator of this Donuts Delite/Salvatore's Pizzeria location.

Three Heads Brewing Inc started in 2010 by Dan Nothnagle, Todd Dirrigl and Geoff Dale. They wanted to fill the craft beer void in Rochester and combine great craft beer with good tunes and positive vibes.  In 2016, Three Heads moved into their new, state-of-the-art brewery at 186 Atlantic Ave in Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts.  Their libations can be found throughout Western and Central New York.