Salvatore’s Pizza announced today a Big Change for 2023! Salvatore’s Most Popular Specialty Pizza will get a name change. The Very Popular MeatHead Pizza will now be called Fred’s Meat Market.

“My Father and our Founder SoccerSam said he thought MEATHEAD was his name until he was 12 years old!“ said Silvio Fantauzzo, Salvatore's President of Restaurant Operations. 

Fred’s Meat Market was across the street from Salvatore’s original landmark location at 1985 E. Main St in 1978.

"Fred’s was Rochester’s favorite meat market, and we are glad to honor him by renaming one of our favorite specialty pizzas." said Kayla Kent-Moreira, Salvatore's CFO. 

Fred Mione, Owner of Fred's Meat Market, was SoccerSam‘s Uncle and brought his meat cutting skills to Rochester from Sicily. Fred’s Meat Market was a neighborhood market with specialty meats, Italian sausage and fresh subs. The slogan back in the day was "You Can't Beat Fred's Meat!" SoccerSam started working at Fred's Meat Market at the age of 12 and the job sparked his love of food and inspired Sam to become a business owner.  

"Fred was an amazing mentor, and I owe a lot of my beginnings to his teachings." said Salvatore SoccerSam Fantauzzo, Salvatore's CEO/Founder.

"SoccerSam talks about his first job at Fred’s constantly," said Ashley Maria King, Salvatore's President of Business Operations, "We continue to use the finest quality cold cuts, meats, cheeses & Hellmann’s Mayo on our subs like Fred’s did, including our giant Italian Sausage."

The Meathead Specialty Pizza is being renamed to The Fred’s Meat Market Speciality Pizza, and will consist of Salvatore's Famous Pizza Sauce base, lots of Mozzarella, choice of Pepperoni, with Giant Italian Sausage chunks, Bacon & Mama’s Meatballs. 

“The whole world has gone soft... bunch of Salamis!” joked SoccerSam with a smile, "but seriously, I am happy we named a pizza after Fred's Meat Market... amazing memories & life-long lessons."