Introducing: The Love Holly Pizza

(Rochester, NY) The Salvatore's Pizza Family is adding a new pizza to their menu. The "Love Holly" pizza will be a permanent addition to their specialty pizza listings.

Salvatore SoccerSam Fantauzzo, CEO & Founder of Salvatore's Pizzeria was Honorary Chair at The Breast Cancer Coalition's ACTober event & fundraiser in September, and was challenged by an anonymous donor to name a pizza after Holly Anderson, President of The Breast Cancer Coalition. If a pizza was named after Holly and officially added to the Salvatore's menu, this donor pledged $25,000 to The Coalition.

Challenge accepted! Introducing the Love Holly: garlic & oil base, with lots of mozzarella, artichokes, roasted red peppers, and banana peppers. Holly Anderson's favorite toppings! Holly prefers her order on a Salvatore's ThinThin, which is Salvatore's version of an extremely thin European-style dough.


Holly Anderson, President of the BCCR & The new Love Holly Pizza

"Holly is a special person, and this recognition of having her favorite pizza on our menu is an honor to do," said Salvatore SoccerSam Fantauzzo, "The Breast Cancer Coalition's important work creates a comforting community through education, support & research."

The Salvatore's Pizza Family is excited for the anonymous donor to fulfill their end of the bargain and donate $25,000 to The Coalition. But the fun doesn't stop there - Salvatore's has now decided to match the donation, bringing the total amount raised for The Breast Cancer Coalition to $50,000.


Holly Anderson & Silvio Fantauzzo, President of Salvatore's Pizzeria

"When a trustee of an area foundation challenged Sam Fantauzzo to name a pizza for me in exchange for a generous donation to the Coalition, I never imagined he would do it! It's humbling to have my favorite Salvatore's pizza named after me, and it means a great deal to me personally. However, my gratitude is much deeper," remarked Holly Anderson, President of the Breast Cancer Coalition. "Sam, a Rochester icon, is a longtime supporter of the Breast Cancer Coalition through his pink box initiative. A home-town pizzeria committed to supporting a home-town nonprofit – neighbors helping neighbors - reflects Sam's generosity and spirit. Thank you, Sam, for continuously creating opportunities to ensure our community thrives."

The new Love Holly Pizza can be ordered from any Salvatore's full menu location, and on any size pizza & dough type. Order online @

"We are proud to have the Breast Cancer Coalition be one of our main charities of choice," said Salvatore SoccerSam Fantauzzo, "We take pride in being the Pizza Family from Rochester, NY. The Breast Cancer Coalition focuses on keeping money donated & raised right here in our great community."

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    About Holly Anderson:

    Holly has more than 35 years of experience in women’s health, community engagement, public policy, administrative methodology, and nonprofit fundraising. Her background in childbirth education, women’s health nursing, and nonprofit management, and her own diagnosis of Stage III breast cancer in 1999, led her to her current position as the executive director of the Breast Cancer Coalition, a position she has held since 2001.

    Under Holly’s leadership, the agency has grown from a single employee to a diverse, multi-talented staff of twelve. Along with over 400 active volunteers, they serve 7000+ survivors, family members, friends, and others living in the aftermath of a breast cancer diagnosis each year. Based in Rochester, the Coalition is the only full-scope breast cancer organization in Upstate New York and provides services, education, support and advocacy throughout twenty-seven counties in Central and Western New York. With the support of an enthusiastic Board of Directors and a talented staff, Holly developed the myriad programs and services offered at the Coalition. Under Holly’s guidance, the Coalition instituted a research initiative that has provided over $ 1,000,000 in funds for regional breast cancer research. This breast cancer research initiative is the only one of its kind in New York State.  Holly is the advisor to organizations and associations across the country and received degrees from Monroe Community College and the University of Rochester.

    About The Breast Cancer Coalition:

    The Breast Cancer Coalition is the only comprehensive, autonomous organization committed to serving breast and gynecologic cancer survivors in Central and Western New York.

    A community-based, grassroots organization dedicated to eradicating breast cancer through research and advocacy. The Coalition offers compassionate educational programs and vital support for those diagnosed with breast or gynecologic cancer.

    The Coalition is a diverse group of breast and gynecologic cancer activists, survivors, warriors, and advocates. We are women, men, families, partners, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, and others dedicated to furthering the mission.

    Mission: To cultivate community among those touched by breast or gynecologic cancer; to empower informed decision-making through education, support, and advocacy; and to advance research in our region to eradicate breast cancer.

    All programs and services are FREE of charge.

    About Salvatore's Pink Pizza Box:

    In 2015, Salvatore's introduced pink pizza boxes for the month of October, to raise awareness for the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester. It was a hit, but then we questioned: why is Breast Cancer Awareness limited to just one month? In 2018, the campaign was extended to switch to pink boxes all year round.  An average of $40,000 per year is donated to the Breast Cancer Coalition. Salvatore's plan to continue this campaign for years to come, in hopes to not only donate funds, but to raise awareness & name recognition for this organization through marketing efforts.