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To Raise Money For The Pancreatic Cancer Association of WNY


Salvatore’s at the Historic Donuts Delite location will help another local charity yet again. This month is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, and Donuts Delite will be selling Purple Donuts in efforts to raise money and spread awareness for the Pancreatic Cancer Association of WNY.  

The limited edition Pancreatic Cancer Awareness donut will be available from Friday, November 27 - Monday, November 30. It is a full-sized yeast-raised donut, decorated with the Association's "Step It Up!" logo, and filled with Vanilla Cream that has been colored purple: the color for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness. Donuts Delite is open starting at 6am daily, and will sell the Purple Donuts each of the 4 days until sold-out, with a portion of the proceeds to be donated directly back to the local organization.  

“We are looking forward to teaming up with the Pancreatic Cancer Association and to give back to our great community,” said Nick Semeraro, Owner/Operator of Salvatore’s at Donuts Delite. “We feel very fortunate that our donuts can help raise awareness to charity organizations whose normal fundraising efforts are now virtual or put on hold due to COVID. It is our honor to help do what we can to give back.”

"Research is the key to developing screening methods, treatment options to improve quality of life, and long-term patient care,” remarked Mary Ellen Smith, Executive Director of the Pancreatic Cancer Association of WNY (PCAWNY). “With the support of the community and businesses like Donuts Delite and Salvatore's, we can do so much more to fund research and support families. Their support is tremendously appreciated as we had to move our annual Step It Up! Cure Pancreatic Cancer fundraising walk to a virtual event this year."

Smith added, “We are thrilled to partner with Donuts Delite and Salvatore's on this special fundraising effort. And, what better way to raise money and awareness at the same time than with the sweetest treat in town – a delicious Donuts Delite Donut!” 

Pancreatic Cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States.  It is one of the hardest cancers to detect, and with 9% survival rates it has the lowest mortality compared to most other major cancers.  It is estimated this year alone that 57,6000 people will be diagnosed with the disease by the end of the year.  Nicknamed the “silent killer,” the survival statistics are startling with over 47,000 patients dying within the first year of diagnosis.  The disease is often found in the late stages when it has already spread to other parts of the body. Unlike other major cancers, there are no routine or specific screening tests for early detection of pancreatic cancer making awareness of the risk factors and symptoms very important in providing people with information to advocate for their health or that of a loved one. 

Donuts Delite is no stranger to charity donuts or fundraisers. Recently, they have teamed up with Lollipop Farm, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Special Touch Bakery, and the Salvation Army. 


About Donuts Delite

Located in Rochester, NY, Donuts Delite is a local donut shop and bakery with roots tracing back to 1958. Known for a variety of unique donut flavors and options, they are a local landmark and staple of the Rochester, NY area. ;

About Pancreatic Cancer Association of WNY

Pancreatic Cancer Association of WNY (PCAWNY), an all volunteer organization established in 2009, is a Rochester, NY based charity established to create awareness, raise funding, and advocate for all those affected by pancreatic cancer. Learn more at



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NOVEMBER 27 - 30




Mary Ellen, Pancreatic Cancer Association of WNY, Executive Director,

Nick Semeraro, Donuts Delite, Owner/Operator (585) 576-4410,