Welcome Edina Kemez to Spencerport Village!
Tuesday, Sept 18 @ 2PM: Celebration & Ribbon Cutting

(Rochester, NY) The Salvatore’s Pizzeria location located in the Village of Spencerport is under new franchisee ownership. Edina Kemez is the first female that 100% owns and operates a Salvatore’s franchise. The Spencerport Salvatore’s location features a spacious dining area for full dine-in service, giant TVs, large slice display, and beer & wine to be available soon. The address is 47 Slayton Avenue, Spencerport, NY 14559. (585-352-9800).

A celebration is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18 @ 2PM, with a ribbon cutting at 2:30PM. The celebration and ribbon cutting will be a joint effort with the Spencerport Area Chamber of Commerce. We are hoping that all town leadership and media can attend this significant event to celebrate this young woman’s accomplishments.

Edina Kemez was born in Bosnia and Hercegovina, former Yugoslavia. The UN refugee agency helped her family escape war and relocated them to a home in the United States in 2000, when Edina was just 7 years old. Now at 25, she is the full owner of a Salvatore’s franchised location.

“In Bosnia, it was mandatory for my Father to join the military, so my mother took care of us moving from basement-tobasement for safety.” Said Edina, “My father brought us here to the United States with only $500 in his pocket to support us and start a new life. My parents are the hardest working people that I know. They encourage me to work hard every day, and they remind me of all the amazing opportunities that are available. I am lucky to have them as supporters and role models.”

At fifteen years of age, Edina Kemez began her Salvatore’s career. Edina has worked for Salvatore's for over 10 years, starting at the Lake Avenue location as a front counter position, then both W Ridge Rd and Latta Rd locations as a Manager.

“Being the first female that 100% owns and operates a Salvatore’s location means the world to me,” said Edina, “I have always worked very hard for everything in life and now it is finally coming together; I feel very blessed.” Edina is a graduate of Greece Athena High School, and also studied Nursing at Roberts Wesleyan College. She worked as a Patient Care Tech at Unity Hospital, where she has received multiple Guardian Angel Awards. But the restaurant industry and owning her own business is her true passion, and she is choosing Salvatore’s as her career path.

“Because of Salvatore’s I have always had a consistent job and income.” Said Edina, “I have met so many great people within this company. I am truly blessed for this opportunity. I look forward to getting to know my new customers in Spencerport!”

“When I first heard Edina’s Refugee story, I had goosebumps,” said Ashley Maria King, VP of Salvatore’s Pizza, “Edina and her family have overcome so many obstacles, and it has clearly made her the individual that she is today. Her work ethic is extremely impressive; she shows so much energy, passion and drive. Edina has worked for the Salvatore’s brand for over 10 years, and we know that she will succeed at owning her own Salvatore’s location. We are happy to welcome our first female that 100% owns and operates a Salvatore’s location!”

Tuesday, Sept 18 ( 2PM Celebration , 2:30PM Ribbon Cutting ) Salvatore’s Pizza (47 Slayton Avenue, Spencerport NY 14559)