Thank you Rochester! 

45 years ago today we signed our first lease at our original landmark location at 1985 E. Main St. 

Great News: We are in the process of opening another Rochester-area location: Hilton, NY. Stop by the new location at 75 Lake Ave in Hilton for open interviews Saturday 11am-2pm. 

GOING SOUTH: On this historic day in our company's history we have more amazing news! Salvatore’s is expanding South!

"The new Master Franchisee is from Rochester. Details will be shared soon about him, his amazing story & family." said Ashley Maria King, Salvatore's President of Business Operations. 

Salvatore's Founder Salvatore SoccerSam Fantauzzo immediately approved the first out-of-state location. 

 “This new out-of-state location has high traffic and reminds me of Jefferson Rd, but the final approval came when I saw what was on the walls: the same red brick paneling we used back in the day at the original 1985 E. Main St location. I took it as a sign from someone above guiding me." said Salvatore SoccerSam Fantauzzo.

Salvatore’s used the same brick paneling to hide bad plaster at the original location back in 1978. Friends and original employees Vincent Vella, Phil Coraggioso & Gary DiGabriel helped Sam’s Dad Silvestro, Uncle Sam Arbore & Cousin Giacomo LoRe renovate the first location. 

"We still have the brick paneling at our original location, but painted white, as a reminder of our beginnings." said John Coraggioso, Owner of E. Main Salvatore’s.

The renovation of Salvatore's first out-of-state location will start soon. "Sammy Graphs doing his blue tape magic; and hopefully stays under budget." said Salvatore's CFO Kayla Kent-Moreira

The Salvatore’s Pizza Family started in 1978 as a Eastridge High School Project. Today locations are opened by former pizza box makers, drivers & managers. “We hope to continue our tradition of opportunity throughout the country soon” said Salvatore's President of Restaurant Operations Silvio Fantauzzo

Where will the first out-of-state location be? Announcement soon!


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