Dear Salvatore's Customers, 

We are experiencing severe food shortages and dramatic food price increases from our vendors and distributors. Most recently, there is a nation-wide chicken wing shortage, and chicken costs have tripled. We are hoping that our food cost drops soon, as well as the price of gas for our company non-electric delivery vehicles.

We refuse to cut portion sizes or lessen the quality of the products we use. We do not want to push our new increased costs and stress onto our loyal customer base. In efforts to avoid a menu price increase, we have temporarily removed coupons and combos from our website. It is our hope that lessening our couponing and discounting percentage helps keep our locations thriving and secures our employees' jobs. If the chicken market worsens, we may have to use a market price system or add a wing surcharge. We will keep our customers updated!

Each Salvatore's location is individually owned and operated by a local family in the Rochester area. By ordering from your favorite Salvatore's location, you are supporting a Rochester family and their local staff. We hope that the food industry recovers and that these severe shortages & cost increases come to an end. We will then be able to offer coupons & combos to our customers again. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We love you, Rochester! 

Salvatore "SoccerSam" Fantauzzo, CEO/Founder of Salvatore's Pizza