Salvatore's Pizzeria is OPEN! We are currently open for both Take-Out and Delivery. Per NYS guidelines on the Executive Order, Salvatore's Pizzeria has been deemed an "essential business". The current list of essential businesses that are exempt from the order can be found here, and restaurants that offer delivery and take-out are listed under Essential Retail:

We are currently following all NYS, Federal, CDC and WHO guidelines, protocols and recommendations. Please check this page periodically as we make updates our policies. 

We have the NEED to FEED Rochester! We are doing our part to provide hot, quality, fresh food to our community, as safe as possible for our customers and our employees. 

The health and safety of our customers and employees is extremely important to us! We are taking extra precautionary measures and adding new ones daily. 

These are such challenging times that our great community is facing. We hope that with our extra efforts, it is known to the Rochester community that we care. The Salvatore's Pizza Family is born and raised in Rochester, NY... and Proud of it! Since 1978!


Touch-Less Delivery. We were the first delivery service in Rochester to add a contact-free option for deliveries. While at first this was only available upon request, we will now require ALL deliveries to be Touch-Less. This further protects our customers and employees. All Salvatore's deliveries will practice Touch-Less protocol. Deliveries must be pre-paid, and the delivery driver will leave the food outside the customer's door, knock or ring the bell, and leave. Completely contact-free. All delivery drivers are now required to be wearing gloves, changed frequently, and as always -- delivery heat bags are cleaned and sanitized often.  

Curbside Pick-Up. All Take-Out orders are now encouraged to be Curbside Pick-Ups. Some locations have converted windows on their buildings to Pick-Up order windows. Other locations have started Curbside procedures, requesting that the customer remain in their vehicle, call the location, and a staff member brings out the food order. This limits foot traffic in locations, and further protects the integrity of the cleanliness of our locations, and is safer for customers and employees alike. 

Receipts. We no longer require customers to sign receipts upon delivery or pick-up. This is in efforts to limit contact as much as possible. 

Cash vs. Credit Card. We encourage credit card only sales, and would like to limit cash sales as much as possible. All deliveries must be pre-paid, as all deliveries are now Touch-Less deliveries with no driver-to-customer contact. Deliveries can be paid via credit card with online ordering, or over the phone with a location staff member. Curbside pick-ups are encouraged to also be cash-free, by having the customer pay via credit card over the phone with a staff member, before the staff brings the order to the parked vehicle. 

Dine-In & Bar Service. Currently, our dining rooms and bar areas are closed to customers. We are providing delivery and take-out only at this time. Some of our Pub locations are still able to offer alcohol via take-out and delivery, following all NYSLA rules and regulations. Contact your favorite Salvatore's pub location to see what they can offer you!

Cleaning. Extra efforts are in place to frequently sanitize and disinfect all often touched surfaced in our locations. This includes but is not limited to, door handles and knobs, counters, light switches, bathrooms, POS keyboards and screens, all kitchen surfaces and utensils, etc. 

Proper Hand Washing. All of our employees, including Owners, Managers, Front-End Staff, Kitchen Staff, and Drivers, are instructed to practice proper hand washing techniques, before, during and after any and all food handling and preparation. All staff is also instructed to wear gloves, and change them frequently between all food handling, transactions, and deliveries. We are doing our part to follow all guidance from the CDC. 

Social Distancing in Kitchens. Salvatore's locations are practicing social distancing, per the NYS mandate. All employees are instructed to stay 6ft apart from each other, at all times, in safety efforts for employee and customer health, and to do our part to stop the spread and flatten the curve. Social Distancing sticker stations have been installed in our kitchens, to further aid in the 6ft distancing.

Social Distancing in Pick-Up Areas. Any Salvatore's location that is still allowing customers to enter the building, has installed Social Distancing Stickers on the floor, to aid in helping the public keep 6ft apart at all times. 

Counter Shields. Plexiglass safety counter shields have been installed in all locations at pick-up and check-out counters. 

Masks. All employees, including kitchen staff, front counter staff, and drivers are required to wear masks or face coverings. These face coverings are provided to employees, free of charge from Salvatore's. It is also requested that any member of the public that enters a Salvatore's location, is also wearing a mask or face covering - for the safety of the community and our employees. No Mask, No Service. 

Safety Seal. Salvatore's is now sealing all pizza boxes with Safety Seal Tape. This is to ensure no one else has opened your food before you received it. The tape reveals a hidden message: "Void, Opened", upon unsealing. 

Food Safety. Our owners and most managers are ServSafe Manager certified, with food protection manager certifications. As extra precautionary measures, all of our employees who will be handling food will take extra measures to ensure cleanliness. 

Employees. If any employees voice that they have any COVID-19 symptoms, the employee will immediately be sent home, and will be instructed to remain home and call their health care provider. The employee will not be asked to come back to work, until they have confirmed with their health care provider that they are not a risk to our organization or to the public. 


Let's work together, Rochester, to help stop the spread of infection! The healthy and safety of our customers and our employees is our number 1 priority at this time. We will continue to implement new procedures, as this situation continues and develops. Here at Salvatore's, we are here to serve you. We have the "Need To Feed" Rochester!